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The Life After Trauma Organization (LATO) is committed to continuing to bring trauma focused services to adults and teens through the global pandemic.   LATO’s core trauma goals are prevention, intervention, and recovery.  While we have generally put our efforts into healing communities affected by gun violence trauma, we have taken the time during the pandemic to hone and use our trauma expertise to help people learn to cope and manage through the stressors of COVID-19.  We will be working to provide community trauma healing and education to communities, teachers, parents, students, and those experiencing trauma as a result of the current climate.   Even though the pandemic has changed our course a bit, LATO is navigating through it to continue to help communities in need of trauma focused care.  



Welcome to The Life After Trauma Organization (LATO)!


Our Mission


  • To foster empathetic and effective clinical approaches to help children, adolescents and adults to prevent and recover from the full spectrum of trauma in today's world.


Core Values


  • We believe that healing is a long term process and is the responsibility of all shareholders in a community.

  • Preventing trauma, whenever possible, preserves the potential of all human beings. 

  • We have a responsibility to share knowledge of how to nurture empathetic communities to better respond to trauma.

  • Our actions shall be data driven.


LATO is incorporated in Pennsylvania and a 501(C)(3) tax-exempt organization.

Providing Prevention, Intervention and Recovery to individuals and communities who have been affected by trauma

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