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Allen J. Perkins is an artist and one of LATO's critical service professionals. He is helping LATO continue its work by donating his works of art to financial contributors. and he is a volunteer in our Bouncing Back program.
















































































Thank you for your interest in our programs. 

Clara Whaley Perkins, Ph.D.

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Allen volunteered in our Bouncing Back program which has been created to help teens between the ages of 14-18. This program uses a strength based approach to helping adolescent heal from the emotional and psychological effects of gun violence and other traumatic experiences. Art therapy is the gold standard for working with youth who have experienced trauma. Currently LATO is exploring additional ways to serve communities hardest hit by gun violence trauma. The devastation gun violence is causing in some areas of Philadelphia is exhausting the spirit of community workers who need training in how to deal with their own trauma, as well as that of the people they are trying to help. We are acting as a resource to community workers, exploring partnerships with other agencies dealing with community gun violence and discussing training programs for first responders.


Each work of art is a one of a kind painting.


A listing of a recommended level of donation we are requesting for each work of art will be included.

We hope that you will consider supporting LATO. Contact us to receive a brochure featuring Allen's art.

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