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Community Conversations About Trauma


LATO's Community Conversations use public forums to respond to the growing need for concrete solutions and interventions that anyone, regardless of their circumstance, can use to reduce the impact of emotional trauma. Emotional and psychological trauma is a complex experience that is not well understood. The effects can be long lasting and destructive to health and relationships. LATO believes that all members of society should be empowered to deal with trauma whenever it occurs in their life.

LATO believes it is the responsibility of the organization to share its expertise with the community. Community Conversations are structured to help people engage in constructive dialogues about what can be done to deal with general trauma and gun violence trauma. LATO's approach to dealing with emotional trauma stemming from gun violence is innovative, proactive and trauma focused. The forums support the community in developing a stronger sense of how to use its available resources, and helps to bring awareness about local and national mental health resources individuals can turn to when traumatizing events continue to negatively impact the quality of life of the home, school and community. Every Community Conversation takes place in schools, community centers, and public and private institutions, and are presented in collaboration with organizations and institutions that serve the community. The goal is to promote a sense of hope, empowerment and healing through collective effort.

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