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Annual Progress Report 2016

December 2016

MISSION Mission Our mission is to help adolescents and adults prevent and recover from the long-term effects of trauma from commercial sexual exploitation and other complex trauma. Vision Our vision is to become the leader in Philadelphia and elsewhere in direct care, training and trauma research. Long Range Goals LATO will one, develop long-term care programs to empower and help adolescents and adults recover from trauma; two, organize conferences, seminars and workshops that will promote and publicize issues concerning commercial sexual exploitation and human trafficking in Philadelphia and elsewhere; and three, train mental health professionals in the care of those who are dealing with complex trauma. TEEN PREVENTION PROJECT LATO's Teen Prevention Project has been presented to Christ Church of Philadelphia, Chester County Anti-Human Trafficking Coalition, and the Philadelphia School District, Department of Prevention and Intervention. In addition, the project was presented at the annual Federation of Teachers Health and Welfare Fund Conference. TRAINING With the assistance of our team of Interns, LATO's trauma informed initiatives have exposed and/or trained 250 individuals on trauma resulting from commercial sexual exploitation and human trafficking. Among the organizations LATO has provided services to are Chester County Youth Center, which provides services to adjudicated youth, the Crime Victims Center of Chester County, and University of Pennsylvania Master’s Level students. CONFERENCES Our first "In Our Backyard"© conference was committed to raising awareness of Human Trafficking in the United States. We convened at Temple University in March 2015. Michelle Morgan, Assistant United States Attorney, Judge Lori Dumas, Court of Common Pleas, Family Division, and Deputy Chief Lisa Shahade, AMTRAK headed our list of speakers. "In Our Backyard"© Conference II was also held at Temple University, on April 1, 2016. Peter Rempelakis, Boston's Health Commission, Director of Child and Adolescent Mental Health, and Assistant U.S. Attorney Michelle Morgan joined us for a frank discussion about Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) and trauma. Ms. Morgan conducted a special round table with a group of young models from NYC to address the unique vulnerabilities that accompany the modeling industry. We will return to Temple University on March 24, 2017 for "In Our Backyard"© Conference III. Please visit our website for additional information. LEGAL ASSISTANCE A rigorous vetting process resulted in LATO securing pro bono legal services via Philadelphia VIP LAW Works. Attorneys from the prestigious law firm Morgan Lewis & Bockius, LLP, Mr. Benjamin Wills and Mr. Kenneth Davis, are helping LATO navigate governance and intellectual property issues. INTERNS If the Life After Trauma Organization is the hub, our team of interns are the spokes in the wheel, reaching out into the community with TRUAMA - PIR. LATO's current interns are:

  • Shou “Lexie” Liu - an undergraduate currently majoring in psychology at Temple University

  • Samiyrah Weaver - Master of Education in Counseling, University of Pennsylvania

  • Shesheena Bray - Master of Education in Counseling, University of Pennsylvania

  • Sue Ellen Zhang - Master of Education in Counseling, University of Pennsylvania

HOLIDAY PROMOTION For the first time, we are running a holiday promotion to round out 2016 - with a donation of $100 or more, you can receive a copy of our DVD, In Our Backyard: Keeping Our Children Safe from Human Trafficking. Please make checks payable to: Life After Trauma Organization and send them to: LATO, 2047 Wallace Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130. APPRECIATIONS On behalf of the board, staff and our volunteers, LATO extends appreciation to our supporters and partners, including Pediatric Therapeutic Services, Inc., The Crime Victims Center of Chester County, TCM Management, NYC, Christ Church, Philadelphia, Ms. Lynda Hummer and WOW, Philadelphia, Dr. James Isenberg, NYC, Mr. Johnny C. Whaley, Philadelphia.... Thank you.

- Clara Whaley Perkins, PhD. Board Chair

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